Training and Coaching


Mondays and Wednesdays: group warmup, footwork at 6:30pm, followed by set up of pistes for bouting from 7pm (until approximately 9:30pm), and individual lessons. 

Tuesdays: our dedicated night for adult beginners and intermediates. Class 6:30 - 7:30, followed by bouting until approximately 9pm. Click here for more information and try session dates

Saturdays: children's classes until 11:30am, followed by set up of pistes for bouting (until approximately 1:30pm). Senior fencers are strongly encouraged to attend on Saturdays; these sessions are usually followed by casual, open-invitation lunch. 

Visitors from other clubs (and interstate/international) are welcome to come to the club whenever it is open. For insurance purposes, we prefer all visitors to be fully affiliated members of their state or national body. A $10 casual fee is charged to non-members. 


Children's classes

ASC runs classes on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings for children who already have some fencing experience. Graduates of our beginner course can join these classes, as well as fencers from school programs, and young casual visitors from other clubs. Fencers are eligible to participate in these classes from age 8 up to end of Year 12. 

Click here for information on our beginner courses. 

Classes run each week during the school term (except on public holidays). Exact dates and any extra closures are advertised in the club's e-newsletter. 

Class times and information

Day Class Time Weekly Cost *
Monday Intermediate Foil 6:30 - 7:30pm $10
Saturday Intermediate Foil 10 - 11:30am $15
Saturday Advanced Foil 10 - 11:30am $15
Saturday Epee 10 - 11:30am $15
Saturday Sabre 10 - 11:30am $15

*all classes have a discounted up-front term fee, advertised in the e-newsletter. More information also available at the club. 


Private Coaching

Private lessons are arranged between individual fencers (or their parents) and the coach. ASC has qualified coaches ranging from Level 1 to Level 3, coaching all three weapons. If you are interested in private lessons, you approach the coach you would like lessons from, and arrange a mutually suitable time. Costs vary depending on the coach. 

Our Coaches







Adrian (Spud)