Membership and Fees

Membership & Fee Structure

Club membership is charged annually (per calendar year). Fencers must be members of the club to participate in club activities (except for beginner courses), or pay a casual visit fee of $10. We offer a family discount of 20% off the second and subsequent memberships in the same family. 


Membership Type Full year (Jan - Dec) Half year (Jan-Jun or Jul-Dec)
Senior $300 $160
Junior/student $190 $100
Associate No fee but fencers must pay casual visit or class fees.

Senior: any fencer who does not fit any of the below criteria (i.e. most adult fencers)
Junior: aged under 20 on January 1 (as per competition criteria) 
Student: full-time school or university student
Associate: family and friends who want to support the club
Life: ASC recognises those who make an outstanding contribution to the club and fencing community by awarding Life Membership
AFT/AFS: ASC waives the membership fees for members of the Australian Fencing Team/Squad, provided they meet other criteria as laid down by Committee



ASC accepts payment of fees by cash, cheque or EFT: 
Account name: Adelaide Swords Club Inc
BSB: 015-311
Account number: 4986 93982

If you need to pay for more than one item, please make more than one transaction.

Item  ~  Message/description/reference

Membership fees  ~  Fencer initial and surname, MEMB YY
Saturday class  ~  Fencer initial and surname, T1/2/3/4 SAT
Monday class  ~  Fencer initial and surname, T1/2/3/4 MON