About Fencing

Sword fighting has existed for millennia. As a modern sport, fencing has its roots in the gentlemanly duels and military schools of the 18th and 19th centuries, and has featured as a safe and regulated event in every modern Olympic Games.

There are three disciplines (you could compare it to the different strokes in swimming): foil, epee and sabre. They have slightly different rules and practices, but the underlying idea is the same - strike your opponent before he (or she) strikes you!

Fencing is not a dangerous sport; the safety equipment is made to high standards, and there is no body contact between competitors. Fencing is a year-long sport and is suitable for boys and girls, men and women. It can be learned from a young age (but we take beginners from 8). 


About the Club

The Adelaide Swords Club is the largest fencing club in South Australia, with a strong membership base of over 100 fencers. In our community we are proud to have State Champions, State Team members, Australian champions, Australian Team members and Olympians. As a club we cater for everyone, from absolute beginners to those who want to take their fencing as far as they can.

The ASC has been around for many years, founded in August 1936 as the "Adelaide Amateur Fencing Club". Our former venues include warehouses on Gilles St, the Goodwood Scout Hall, and the Hungarian Club. In January 2013 we moved to our current premises at North Adelaide Primary School.

We are open three times a week and offer coaching and classes to children and adults, in all three weapons: foil, epee and sabre. We have Level 1, 2 and 3 coaches, allowing us to cater for all types of fencer.


Club Governance

ASC is a not-for-profit sports club, run by a volunteer committee comprised of parents, fencers, family and friends of the club.

The 2015/16 committee is:
President – Steve Howlett
Vice President – Danni Kurbatfinski 
Treasurer – Maria Rawsom
Secretary – Ursula Menz
Public Officer - Alex Lovell
General committee members - Dan Cox, Kerri Thomas, Rylie Henderson, Will Campbell


ASC is affiliated with Fencing SA . FSA runs state tournaments and develops the sport of fencing in SA. They are based at Scotch College. Other states each have their own State Fencing Association.

FSA is affiliated with the Australian Fencing Federation (AFF), which runs national tournaments throughout the year, and is also responsible for national development of the sport.

Running the whole show is the International Fencing Federation (FIE - Federation Internationale d'Escrime). There is also a Commonwealth Fencing Federation and an Asian Fencing Federation, who run tournaments at the world-regional level.